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Our values and Publications

The quality of staircases from Mazer is tested by satisfied customers every day.  We make every effort so that our products are dependable and associated with a guarantee of high quality.

We like challenges. We are not afraid to take a risk, even in the most difficult of projects. The experience and knowledge we have collected over the years has allowed us to design strong, durable, and ergonomic staircases – with a convenient turn angle. Comfort of use is guaranteed by careful selection of materials and an inimitable aesthetic.

We pay special attention to design. Forms? Inspired by art and nature. All work is done by hand, on large, curved, and carefully selected pieces of solid wood. Wooden finishing strips, no caps or stoppers, invisible joints between individual elements, the skill of joining materials that are seemingly mutually exclusive, and minimal visibility of the load-bearing structure – all of this means that the staircases we produce are characterized by care for the most minute of details and precision of workmanship. They are suitable for both classical and modern interiors.

We are flexible – we adjust the completion deadlines of individual stages of work to the customer’s expectations. We also offer the possibility of changing the entire design or materials before we begin the production process.

Staircases are our passion and family tradition, and we would not have achieved so much if not for our high personal culture and team of professionals.

Our coworkers are always ready to provide assistance and will give detailed answers to any question, clarify any doubts, and give information. After work is complete, they leave behind a clean and orderly workspace.

We care for quality of communication during every stage of a project, starting from first contact, filing of an order, through designing, until final acceptance. We guarantee direct contact, fast appraisals, and measurement at the customer’s home. We advise, inspire, and help.

Our role is not finished at the time of sale. You can turn to us with a request for advice or assistance at any time. We will repair damage done during use and give advice on how to care for a staircase so that it serves you for many years.