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Staircases with passion

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Every day is the fulfillment of our dreams, and the satisfaction of our customers and friends is the greatest source of pride for us. We know their expectations, needs, and emotions. They inspire us to learn more and improve. We have always been certain that we have chosen the right path. But this is not just a matter of faith. The Mazer company has always been a team of professionals with immense experience. This team has allowed us to get through even the most difficult times. Quality and respect, not profit, constitute the greatest capital in our activity. Those that put their faith in us were not disappointed. This is why we have won. And we continue to win every day. We believe that what we do is right. We create aesthetically inimitable and modern wooden staircases. Our dreams have become reality.


Mazer. Climb the steps to luxury.

Mazer is the natural grain of wood. Every tree has a different grain that is inimitable, similarly to a human hand.  We have spent many hours together in our woodworking shop. We dedicated this time so that our craftsmanship could become the art of creating staircases more beautiful than any others.

The Mazer company designs, manufactures, and assembles all types of staircases in Poland and abroad. Atypical and courageous technological solutions are our specialty, such as: exclusive staircases with curved safety glass balustrades and “ZETA” staircases, with a tempered glass balustrade cut to the level of every tread.

Jolanta Olszewska, architect and artist, works on original concepts. She draws sketches and drawings of staircases by hand. She sets goals and makes sure that our products are inimitable, elegant, and functional. Our luxurious and modern wooden staircases were appreciated at the MUREXPO fair in Warsaw.

Our distinguishing traits are high quality and precision of workmanship. We search for and order materials from all over the world, and we demand only the best from our employees and from ourselves. This, combined with many years of experience, constitutes a sure guarantee of the high quality of our staircases. See our projects in the gallery.