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Curved wood Stairs

For various reasons, a staircase may have limited dimensions, which forces us to choose a specific design solution for the stairs. This concerns, above all, two-storey apartments and houses in which the useful surface on the ground floor is small. In such a situation, helical stairs are the best solution. They can be applied for both round and square openings. Helical wooden stairs are an effective and very striking proposition – combined with a balustrade that is well-matched to the aesthetic of the interior, they become an important element of the decor. Well-designed helical stairs are not inferior to other solutions in the stability of their structure, however they will always be a compromise in terms of comfort – particularly considering the need to move furniture. Will helical stairs be the perfect option? You should choose this design if every square meter is precious, or when making a larger opening in the ceiling would disrupt the functional arrangement and make it impossible to use space optimally. Helical wooden stairs are usually exhibited as an impressive feature, so they should match the color scheme and style of the furniture. But achieving a perfect match is never a problem, since the range of solutions is nearly unlimited. We invite you to check out our ideas for inimitable helical wooden stairs.