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Wood on concrete Stairs

There are as many design solutions of stairs as there are houses and apartments. In certain rooms, concrete stairs are the only type of stairs allowed by the designer. Cases like these are relatively rare, but they may happen. We often encounter unawareness of our customers, who assume that there can be no change since the design calls for reinforced concrete stairs. However, in most cases, the design can be adapted appropriately. If, in fact, concrete stairs are the only solution or have simply already been made in a given building, nothing stands in the way of making wooden stairs on concrete. Thus, we can achieve eternal stability and reliability while preserving the beauty of natural wood. Wooden stairs on concrete have many advantages, but chief among them is very high strength and durability. It is also much easier to maintain such stairs. The finishing possibilities are practically endless – any type of wood can be used in principle, but hard, abrasion-resistant species are the best option. Treads made from such wood maintain an irreproachable aesthetic for a much longer time. Treads made from exotic wood, which has excellent mechanical properties and makes wooden stairs on concrete a decoration of the house or apartment, are a particularly interesting proposition.