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Wood openwork Stairs

Depending on the decor of a home, massive reinforced concrete stairs finished with wood may sometimes be a better solution, but if not, wooden openwork stairs will be a perfect fit for your interior. Both types of stairs have their advantages and drawbacks, nevertheless, they are worth considering. Lightness of structure speaks in favor of high quality wooden openwork stairs. It is usually entirely sufficient to support stringers at the ends of a flight, and generated loads are relatively low. This type of design is also related to low consumption of the structural material, which, in this case, is most often high-density wood. Wooden openwork stairs are not just a light solution that is easy to design but are also extremely durable. Stringers are characterized by high strength, which guarantees high stability. However, the resistance of treads to abrasion does not only depend on the quality of applied wood. The delicate aesthetic of wooden openwork stairs can be animated by introducing an interestingly decorated balustrade. We invite you to become acquainted with our models, among which you will find high quality wooden openwork stairs.