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Zeta Stairs

Zeta stairs are a solution directed towards enthusiasts of simple forms that surprise with their lightness and exhibit the beauty of the wood used in their construction. This solution works perfectly in modern interiors, a valuable architectural accent in the final effect. Zeta stairs require much knowledge about how wooden structures work from a designer as well as precision of workmanship. Single- or double-flight stairs are the most often encountered types of zeta stairs, but it is also possible to make winder or double-winder stairs. An impressive balustrade may provide some variety, as long as it does not disrupt the minimalist aesthetic. Zeta stairs do not require the application of additional load-bearing elements, such as stringers, however this has its consequences. This self-bearing structure, consisting of massive treads and risers, must be fastened to walls and pillars in one or several places. Fortunately, the support that is introduced has no impact on the main advantage of zeta stairs, which is their inimitable aesthetic. Our company specializes in building zeta stairs from wood of the highest quality. We are perfectly aware of the fact that even the smallest elements in the structure is constantly exposed, which is why we pay special attention to the precision of workmanship that goes into every tread. We invite you to view photographs of our finished projects, which show zeta stairs in their full splendor.