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Model: Z2

Balustrade: Artistic metalsmithing, Forged,

Wood: African padauk,

This uniquely striking form of openwork stringer stairs has been achieved thanks to a strong accent in the form of decorative, hand-wrought brass panels, exhibited on a strong black background. A staircase should not only fit harmoniously into an interior. It can sometimes serve as a dominant part of the decor. It draws attention, evoking emotions and stimulating the senses. Stairs on concrete, with a hand-forged decorative balustrade and original decor, will certainly remain in one’s memory for a long time. African padauk was used to make this staircase – this species of wood is obtained from African Pterocarpus trees characterized by appropriate hardness. Its reddish hue adds to its appeal. This material is excellent for both classical interiors and modern arrangements.

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