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Spiral Stairs

In many cases, traditional solutions are perfect for stairs. They provide convenience of use to household members, are easy to make, and it is possible to adapt them to existing interior decor. However, when the functional configuration on the ground floor and attic is peculiar or the surface intended for the staircase is very small, spiral stairs may be the only solution. Stairs of this type can be made from different materials, but a really unique effect will be achieved is high-quality wood is used. Designers also frequently use metals to make structures leaner. Spiral stairs are often a reliable solution in two-storey apartments or houses with a small surface of development. This is because it is difficult to find enough space for traditional stairs when a large parlor and comfortable kitchen are to fit on the ground floor. Fortunately, spiral stairs do not only solve the problem of limited useful space but are also an important architectural component, most often exhibited in the parlor of a house or apartment. We sincerely invite you to browse our rich gallery of finished projects.