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Stringer Stairs

There are many design solutions for wooden stairs, however classical stringer stairs are one of the solutions that is chosen most often. This design combines an interesting aesthetic with stability and ease of assembly. A great advantage of stringer stairs is that it is possible to shape individual structural components in different ways, and because of this, impressive staircases tying into architecture from bygone decades as well as more modern, light structures can be achieved. Stringer stairs can be designed and made as single-flight, double-flight, winder, or double-winder stairs. A stringer design is not just simple but also reliable. Massive stringers, constituting the load-bearing part of flights of stairs guarantee solidity and stability. Treads are placed in specially milled grooves. Thanks to such a solution, the rigidity of the entire structure is very high, and this, in turn, makes it possible to make supports only at the ends of flights. The greater the cross-section of stringers, the longer the flights that can be made. One must always remember about the comfort of household members – this is why stringer stairs should have the appropriate clearance between load-bearing stringers, and tread width must be selected to match their height. The stairs designed and made at our company always meet all the conditions for guaranteeing comfortable movement between the floors of a building while providing an interesting architectural accent.