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Metal and wood Stairs

Wood is a material with good mechanical properties, additionally characterized by aesthetic qualities that are difficult to overstate. Thus, making the entire structure of a staircase out of wood is not a problem. If, however, one wishes to add lightness to an interior, metal and wood interior stairs are worth considering. The load-bearing structure of a staircase, as well as its balustrade, are usually made from light metal alloys. High-quality wood is used - as a material with high resistance to abrasion - to make the treads and balustrade handrail. The combination of these two durable structural materials allows a designer to depart from generally accepted standards and create something unique. An excellent example is the combination of steel with exotic wood, which gives an inimitable effect. Metal and wood interior stairs can take on practically any form – they can have one or two flights or the form of winder, double-winder, curved, or spiral stairs. The introduction of glass elements is also a good idea. Metal and wood stairs work perfectly with architectural accents often present in modern homes, such as an exposed brick wall, renovated solid wood floor, or unfinished surfaces on concrete walls. Mazer's portfolio includes many interesting propositions, including modern metal and wood stairs. We use only stainless steel of the highest quality and high- grade wood, stained in any color, to build our stairs. We invite you to become acquainted with our full offer.