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Villa in Białystok

Everybody who enters my home for the first time is captivated by the staircase. They immediately ask: who made this? That’s when I pull out Mr. Pawel’s business card. I recommend him to all of my friends. When my wife and I were looking for the right staircase, we visited many companies until we finally found Mazer’s website. As we browsed through their offer, I found the staircase with which we fell in love with at first sight. This was exactly the design we wanted to have in our home. When I met Mr. Pawel for the first time, and this was three years ago, I immediately knew that our conversation would be pleasant. He is a composed man, with high personal culture and prodigious knowledge. We liked how he was able to explain everything in an accessible and comprehensive manner. We wanted the color of our staircase to harmonize with mahogany. We chose oak as the material, but Mr. Pawel advised us to choose an exotic species of wood. We were surprised by the price, but it turned out that the staircase would cost a lot more if we had decided to use oak, a native species. I saw that the boys assembling the stairs knew exactly what they were doing and the functions they had to perform. There were no breaks for coffee, tea, a cigarette, or a beer. And everything was spick and span after the job was done. If I was to choose a staircase in the future, I would choose Mr. Pawel and the Mazer company without hesitation.